Meet this fall’s young writers

We are excited to unveil our Young Writers’ Wall in its new, more prominent location in the writing lab. This biannual display celebrates the most dedicated student-writers in our After-School Tutoring program each semester. Next time you visit or volunteer with us, take a moment to check out the new Young Writers’ Wall to see these beautiful portraits of our enthusiastic writers in person.

Jorge Garcia, Programs Director

Meet this fall’s young writers

Keily Ponce
Third grade/ Eight years old

If Keily could go anywhere in the world she would go to Colorado. She would prefer to walk there and she would make sure she remembered a cozy jacket, because she thinks it gets cold there. When Keily isn’t writing she likes to draw, read, and eat bananas all day. 
She also likes to talk and tell jokes. Keily’s best friend is Natalia and they are neighbors. They like to talk to each other from their bedroom windows.

One day I saw a tree, but the tree was bigger than me. 
And it couldn’t fall. 
I never saw a big tree like that. 
–Excerpt from “Apple Tree”

Meet this fall’s young writersCamila Mora
Fourth grade/Eight years old

Wants to have the power to turn things she doesn’t like into things she loves. The first thing she would do using her powers would be to turn Becky’s writing table into a Husky because, although she appreciates Becky’s writing table, she loves animals. Camila’s last meal would be all the candy and delicious treats in the world, and she would not feel the slightest bit sick.

When he gets to the party, the curl starts dancing. He wiggles and wiggles until the curl gets dizzy. When the curl and Mr. Sneak get dizzy, they go home. Mr. Sneak’s house is a disco ball. –Excerpt from “Mr. Sneak in 2012”

Meet this fall’s young writersErickson Martinez

Sixth grade/Eleven years old

Does not like writing about the future because it hasn’t happened yet; he prefers to write about what he knows. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Spain to meet FC Barcelona, or Rome to visit the Coliseum. 

His biggest role model is his mother because she works a lot and never gets tired, and she is always understanding.

She’s so nice with me and she lets me do whatever I want, like watch T.V.. I appreciate my mom because she makes me tacos, she treats me nice, and she lets me play my iPod.
 –Excerpt from “Mom”

Meet this fall’s young writersDiego Gambala
First grade/Seven years old

Loves Becky’s writing table because it helps him play better chess. He sees the lines on the page as similar to lines on the chessboard, and this helps him find patterns within the game. When playing chess, he rarely loses, and if he could he would give Becky’s writing table a golden prize that reads “Becky’s writing table rocks!” or one thousand dollars. Either one.

I stopped my canoe and followed the trail, and it led me to a giant ant. It wouldn’t let me cross, but it had one weakness. I ran through its legs and it didn’t notice. 
–Excerpt from “Giant Ant”

Meet this fall’s young writersMyles Crawford

First grade/Six years old

Enjoys playing baseball and going to church, and when he isn’t doing those things he delights in math problems and drawing. He appreciates Becky’s writing table because it’s fun and it helps him practice his English and Spanish, as both languages are important to him. 

Myles’ greatest wish is to be able to give every student “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf, in English and Spanish, because it’s funny and exciting.

Broccoli has vitamins. Cakes smell like cinnamon. –
Excerpt from “Untitled”

Meet this fall’s young writersMarianna Ramos
Fourth grade/Nine years old

Would like to know what kind of food 826 feeds the fish that live in the Pirate Supply Store. She feeds her pet goldfish little pellets that look like lily pads. When she grows up, she wants to be an artist. Sometimes she likes to pretend that she’s a pop star by putting on fancy outfits, making up her own songs, and dancing with herself in front of the mirror.

Marianna:Thank you for giving me advice. I love you very much, don’t forget that Nat, I love you!
Brother:I love you too.
Marianna:I love you more.
Brother:I love you most.

–Excerpt from “Lunch with My Brother”