Our Mission Bay Center’s doors are now open!

Our Mission Bay Center is open for business! Thanks to our partnership with Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation and the San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, we’re excited to start welcoming folks to our space, which includes a brand new store, Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd. and a whimsical Writing Lab for students to unleash their creativity.

Programming has also started, with our After-School Tutoring Program serving neighborhood students ages 8-18. We were proud to receive the student stamp of approval from Blanca, age 9, who exclaimed upon entering the space: “Wow, I love the unicorn. Can I do my homework now?” Best inaugural speech ever! We’re looking forward to enchanting many other young writers like Blanca as they step into our enchanted forest in the months to come.
To celebrate this milestone, we’re having a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, March 9, to unveil our new shining center and party with family-friendly activities, including a scavenger hunt-style exploration of the space, face painting, games, and more. We would love for you to join us and see what our excitement is all about!
None of this would have been possible without the support of our volunteers, staff, and pro-bono partners, who helped us build this magical project from the ground up—literally—from all the architectural design to construction, including our enchanted wares (unicorn horn polish anyone?), a reading cave, a stunning mural, and so much more!
Our huge thanks to our design-build team led by WRNS Studio, BCCI Construction Company, Office, and all the others below who contributed to making this project a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Anderson Rowe & Buckley
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
Ayoob & Peery Plumbing Co.
B&L Commercial
BCCI Construction
BEI Construction
California Drywall Co.
CE Toland & Sons
CISCO Meraki
Commercial Casework
Complete Millwork
Creative Ceilings Inc.
Cutting Edge Drapery
De Anza Tile Co. Inc.
Design Workshops
Giampolini & Co.
Golden Gate Fire Protection
Luna Textiles
Majestic Floors Inc.
McMillan Electric Co.
Minton Door Co.
Paganini Electric
Sheedy Crane Rental
Stockham Drywall
Tipping Structural
Two Furnish
WRNS Studio
Young Electric
And thanks to all these talented artists for adding special touches:
Borderline Art Collective
CCA BuildLab
Pete Belkin
Jacqueline Brown
Lundberg Design
Matthew Grubisich
Lauren Hartman
Slice Lab