Ms. A is our April Teacher of the Month!

This month, we are delighted to celebrate our Teacher of the Month, Ms. Chalida Anusasananan (Ms. A) of Everett Middle School. Ms. A has worked as an educator for 19 years, and is a creative writing teacher. 

    Ms. A is our April Teacher of the Month! Ms. A is both a teacher and librarian at Everett Middle School, and is beloved by many. As one colleague shared, she “provide[s] a safe space for not just the students in her class but for all students in the Everett community.” She is committed to her students and is “the go-to source for all things Everett.” Ms. A is patient, kind, and cares deeply about the well-being of her school community.


    Ms. A is very committed to her students’ growth, and always “encourages [them] to step out of their comfort zones and to take pride in their effort and their work.” One colleague notes how she brings creativity to her teaching while being inclusive, and did this recently by “handing out quirky 3D stickers to students that share in class, mak[ing] a curriculum that…[engaged]… students that are more interested in art.”


    An 826 Valencia staff member shared that Ms. A “embodies many qualities that every teacher ought to have: patience, kindness and a tremendous work ethic.”


  We are excited to celebrate and recognize the great work that Ms. A is doing at Everett Middle School! Join us in celebrating her as our April Teacher of the Month.