Ms. Trisha Huynh is our October Teacher of the Month

We are delighted to announce Trisha Huynh as our October Teacher of the Month! Ms. Huynh is a fourth grade teacher and an 826 Valencia teacher partner at Starr King Elementary. She has five years of experience in education. We are excited to feature Ms. Huynh and celebrate how she goes above and beyond as an educator.

Ms. Trisha Huynh is our October Teacher of the Month

Ms. Huynh is a caring, inspirational teacher to all of her students. Her commitment to her students and their education knows no bounds. For instance, her work during the pandemic didn’t go unnoticed by one of her colleagues who shared that Ms. Huynh “read with every one of her 23 students, [and had] individual appointments seven days a week.” The same colleague continued by saying that Ms. Huynh “created STEM packets and delivered all kinds of supplies to [students’] homes so they could continue working there.”

Ms. Huynh constantly works on improving her skills as a teacher and invests time into her school community in countless ways. One of her colleagues shared that Ms. Huynh “leads personal development sessions for other educators at St

arr King Elementary.” Ms. Huynh also developed and piloted a program designed to provide students with experiential learning opportunities related to the curriculum. She also teaches reading in an after-school program offered at Starr King and serves on the climate committee on campus.

Ms. Huynh’s students also have wonderful things to say about her and the impact she has. One of them shared how much it means to them that Ms. Huynh “goes out her way to make sure everyone is ok and learning.” Another student recalls a specific memory: “When I had to take the bus by myself, [Ms. Huynh] told me to call her so that I knew my bus was at the stop.” As these comments show, Ms. Huyhn really cares about the well-being of her students. She is also a positive role model and shows up for her students when they need her.

Thank you for everything you do to make sure your students feel comfortable and supported. We are grateful for teachers like Trisha Huynh and are thrilled to celebrate her as our October Teacher of the Month!