Ms. Berry is our October Teacher of the Month!

We are delighted to announce Amy Berry as our October Teacher of the Month! Ms. Berry is a third grade teacher at Tenderloin Community School and this is her 7th year teaching in San Francisco. She is being recognized for her passion and commitment to her students, school, and community.

Ms. Berry is our October Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Berry is dedicated to providing the best education she can for her students. One of her colleagues shared that Ms. Berry “holds her students to high standards in the classroom and we can tell that if students are really struggling or not feeling confident, she sits and works with them 1-on-1 and offers multiple ways to support them.” 

Ms. Berry also strives to cultivate positivity throughout Tenderloin Community School and “makes a big point of using PAX points, a schoolwide initiative that shows students the values of their TCS community.” Ms. Berry prioritizes and adapts to her students’ needs. One student shared that “she’s the best because one day she read with me a book in Arabic and I really appreciated that.”

As an outstanding educator, Ms. Berry constantly strives to support her classroom at Tenderloin Community by using “innovative thinking and a well-rounded, holistic approach to education.” She also has a class pet, “a leopard gecko named Spot who the children adore.”

Thank you for all you do to support your students, Ms. Berry. We appreciate the passion you have for education. Congratulations on being our October Teacher of the Month!