Ms. Huang is our September Teacher of the Month!

We are delighted to announce Jenny Huang as our September Teacher of the Month! Ms. Huang is a fourth grade teacher at McKinley Elementary School and this is her 13th year teaching. She is being recognized for her passion and commitment for her students, school, and community. 

Ms. Huang is our September Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Huang is dedicated to providing the best education she can for her students. One of her student’s parents shared that Ms. Huang “really made writing accessible and engaging to all learners. She also had the students make their own books which they had at a publishing party and then she entered them into the Ezra Keats competition. My son was so happy to complete it.” Ms. Huang takes the time to prepare for her classes in a way that is tailored to the needs of each student and an example of this creative and unique curriculum includes an Essay Boot Camp for her fourth graders. One parent says, “My son struggles with writing. He came home the other day talking about Essay Boot Camp. He was so excited for boot camp!” 


Ms. Huang also does her best to ensure each lesson is as impactful as possible. One parent notes, “My son who is dyslexic and struggles with writing and I had never seen him so excited to do homework, especially a writing one. He wrote a card to every student. On Valentine’s Day he had 20 personal notes and they were hilarious. This was such a thoughtful and applicable lesson that we will keep forever.” These examples echo what many parents appreciate about Ms. Huang: she inspires her students and makes learning fun.


In addition to her work as an outstanding educator, Ms. Huang constantly strives to support her school community at McKinley Elementary, “planning field trips, writing parties for their books, having great lessons, sending slideshows of her students at school.” Ms. Huang is hardworking, caring, and dedicated to her students, and they appreciate all that she does. One parent shared that Ms Huang “is a rainbow in this crazy time for schools.”


Thank you for all you do to support your students, Ms. Huang. We appreciate the passion you have for education. Congratulations on being our September Teacher of the Month!