Ms. Lum is our November Teacher of the Month!

We are delighted to announce Grace Lum as our November Teacher of the Month! Ms. Lum is a 9th and 12th grade teacher at Mission High School and this is her 20th year teaching in San Francisco. She is being recognized for her passion, work ethic, and commitment to her students, school, and community.

Ms. Lum is our November Teacher of the Month!Ms. Lum is dedicated to providing the best education she can for her students. One of her colleagues shared that “Ms. Lum’s work ethic is incomparable. She is one of the first to arrive at school and one of the last to leave. She is always willing to help her colleagues even though it will set her back on her own work. She is also a problem solver and strives to give our students as many opportunities to learn and to develop their English.”


Ms. Lum’s extraordinary commitment to the Newcomer Pathway Program at Mission High School helps recently arrived immigrant students to adjust to their new language and culture. “As a teacher, she finds relevant materials so that recently arrived immigrant students feel connected to what they read. She is even willing to spend her own money to make sure that books reflect our school demographics.”


As an outstanding educator, Ms. Lum constantly strives to support her classroom at Mission High School by being “super intentional about her curriculum and making a huge effort to make it relevant to the students she serves.” One former student shared, “she always found a way to ensure that I understood the assignment and asked for help if needed. She did that for every newcomer student in her classes, even if she had to stay after school to spend time with her students, she would do it. She always ensured that I was okay, and if I needed something, she would always be there to support me.”


Thank you for all you do to support your students, Ms. Lum. We appreciate the passion you have for education. Congratulations on being our November Teacher of the Month!