Ms. Tiet is our February Teacher of the Month!

We are delighted to announce Vivian Tiet as our February 2023 Teacher of the Month! Ms. Tiet is a 3rd grade teacher at Tenderloin Community School and has been teaching for 3 years. She is being recognized for her passion, work ethic, and commitment to her students, school, and community. 

Ms. Tiet is our February Teacher of the Month!Ms. Tiet goes above and beyond for her students. She continuously makes sure that they are seen, heard, cared, and loved. One of Ms. Tiet’s colleagues shared that “[She] is the epitome of a ride or die for her students” while one of her student shared that “something Ms. Tiet does that makes me feel safe is she always tells us she loves us no matter what.”


Ms. Tiet’s unique teaching strategies always keep learning fun and engaging. Another colleague shared, “they have an imaginary pet frog, (there is a stuffed animal) named Ebbo that is a common theme for the classroom. Name Tags and desks are decorated with Ebbo-related decor and I’ve even seen Ms. Tiet buy Ebbo-related prizes for the whole class to bolster a sense of fun and community in the classroom. The students really seem to enjoy it.”


Ms. Tiet’s unique classroom decor adds vibrancy to her learning space; “[Her] classroom is so cozy!” One colleague shared, “She has made it feel like less of a classroom and more of a safe, comfortable space for students. There are lowlights, pillows, different cozy areas, etc. She is so responsive and thoughtful and her students really, truly adore her.” 


As an outstanding educator, Ms. Tiet’s thoughtful and consistent support for her classroom and community at Tenderloin Community School are worthy of tremendous admiration. Thank you for all you do to support your students, Ms. Tiet. We appreciate the passion you have for education. Congratulations on being our February 2023 Teacher of the Month!