Fresh off the press: My Underwater Hiding Spot

Fresh off the press: My Underwater Hiding Spot
Cover art and design by Nolan Jones

826 Valencia’s Exploring Words Summer Camp is a five-week program for second through sixth graders who have been working with us throughout the school year in our after-school tutoring and writing program. This year our students explored science and creative writing through an integrated, project-based curriculum. My Underwater Hiding Spot is a collection of writing from this year’s program. Pick up your copy in the Pirate Supply Store!

Here are a few student pieces from My Underwater Hiding Spot:

The Sun

I’m a big ball of gas and light. When I shine, the flowers bloom. Also, when I shine and when my friend the wind blows, it smells like cherry blossoms.

By Camila Mora



I am a white, strong, windy blanket. I’m as cold as Antarctica and as quiet and cool as still water. I’m as white as a cloud that is blowing on a perfect day in the summer. I’m as strong as the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Wind blows me away to the mountains, North and South poles. Every winter little parts of my personality fall into the world and I see houses, lands, villages, and people that make me smile.

By Jessica Berrios



There was a planet in the space, and its name was Marbly. One day, a cow landed there and fell in. They were in a big marble box with twenty kangaroos. Then Darth Marble came. The kangaroos got scared and began to run around the box. Then an army of ants ate Darth Marble. The cows were very brave, and ran away from Darth Marble and the ants.

By George Mejia-Cuellar


The Garden

When I was in the garden, I wondered why the bird’s feathers fell off. The Tropical Island is not for humans, but for insects. There are a lot of machetes that cut pineapples. I found a Swiss chard. I ate some green onion.

By Myles Crawford