Our April Teacher of the Month is Pamela Medieta!

Our April Teacher of the Month is Pamela Medieta!April brings us many things to celebrate, such as Scrabble day (April 13th) and our dear friend planet Earth (April 22nd). However, most importantly, April gives us yet another teacher to shower with praise, gratitude, and virtual appreciation. We are really excited to announce that Pamela Mendieta of Alvarado Elementary is our April teacher of the month!

Ms. Mendieta is currently a 4th grade teacher with over seven years of experience in the classroom. Originally, she started at Alvarado as a Kindergarten teacher and made an impression on her colleagues by creating an inclusive and community-oriented classroom, even when she had students with high emotional needs. One coworker says that, Pam “did a great deal of community building and family outreach to make sure that all her students and their families felt understood and appreciated.” 

When Ms. Mendieta made the transition to teaching upper elementary, she gave students the unique opportunity to have her for not only kindergarten, but for fourth grade as well. One parent says, “My son truly enjoyed Ms. Mendieta’s kind and patient approach and was so excited to learn that he would be in her class for 4th grade. Ms Mendieta would go out of her way for her students, helping to ensure inclusion for all field trips and activities.” Even in a year when distance learning has left students, teachers, and parents exhausted, Ms. Mendieta continues to incorporate dynamic activities into her online classroom. One parent noted that, “She makes a unique set of slides with assignment links, hidden jokes and her personal bitmoji mood / joy each week. My daughter tells me about the things in the slides just like she would a class lecture so it has brought Ms Mendieta’s personality to the situation even though [we’re] remote.”

Personal connection, community building, inspiring students: these are all things that make Ms. Mendieta an incredible educator. As one of her students said, “I love Ms Mendieta and already miss her so much. She is the best teacher in the world.”

Based on what we’ve heard from colleagues, parents, and students, we have to agree! Thank you Ms. Mendieta for being a steadfast support system for all of your students. Congratulations on being our April Teacher of the Month!

We warmly thank our friends at KKR for making our Teacher of the Month Program possible this year with a KKR COVID Response Fund. Learn more at KKR.com/grants

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