Our co-founder Dave Eggers talks his new novel, politics, and 826 Valencia on Recode Decode

Our co-founder Dave Eggers gave a fantastic interview onĀ Kara Swisher’s podcast, Recode Decode. He talks about his new novel, what he’s learned from talking to Trump supporters, why he has a flip phone, and of course, 826 Valencia.

“Well, 826 Valencia has been around 18 years now,” Eggers says. “It started out as a small neighborhood writing and tutoring center especially for kids who are English Language Learners and we knew that the need was there, but it continues to grow.”

Eggers talks more about his thoughts on the importance of creativity, the upcoming election cycle, the state of journalism today, and how those things came together to inform the topic and genre of his newest novel.

“We are living in a cartoon that defies all belief and it’s embarrassing,” Eggers says. “While I was working as a journalist on the side I was sort of creating this alternate universe that instead of the government as it is and as the president as he is, it all takes place on a cruise ship, which is inherently comical, I think.”

To hear all this and more, give it a listen!