Our founder Ninive Calegari talks teaching, 826, and her professional journey

Our founder, Ninive Calegari, was recently featured on Parentology in a series called “Redefining Rosie” that celebrates remarkable women in the workforce. In it, she talks about what inspired her to become a teacher, her passion for supporting students, and of course why she helped to found 826!

“A crusader for both students and educators, Ninive Calegari fell in love with education at an early age. ‘I remember being in high school and feeling I’d had this incredible experience,” she says, “and I loved the notion of different generations working together.’

Calling on that passion, Calegari has worked tirelessly with organizations like 826 National, the Teacher Salary Project, and the Enterprise for Youth. Along the way, she’s been an invaluable ally to students and teachers around the globe, spreading the joy of learning and teaching.”

Read more about her journey through the education sector, and the many ways that she supports communities across the country, here.