Debra Netkin is Our September Teacher of the Month!

Debra Netkin is Our September Teacher of the Month!We’re delighted to announce Debra Netkin as our September Teacher of the Month! Mz. Debra is a first grade classroom teacher at Lawton Alternative Elementary School. An educator with over twenty years of experience teaching, she’s being recognized for her passion and commitment for her students, school, and community.

Mz. Debra is dedicated to providing the best education she can for her students. One of her colleagues shared that  Mz. Debra “develops her own curriculum based in art, science, and literacy.” Mz. Debra takes the time to prepare for her classes in a way that is tailored to the needs of each student. An example of this creative and unique curriculum includes “an interesting cross-curricular owl unit where students learn all about owls, watercolor paint owls, and even dissect an owl pellet.” Mz. Debra also exposes her students to music and songs. One parent that worked in her classroom commented that Mz. Debra sings “songs covering a lot of different topics from geography to history, friendships to cultures.” These examples echo what many parents appreciate about Mz. Debra: She inspires her students and makes learning fun.

In addition to her work as an outstanding educator, Mz. Debra also constantly strives to improve her school community. She participates in various committees and organized a fun talent show where the teachers were the stars. Mz. Debra also leads a yearly mural project at school that showcases her classes’ art. As one parent noted, Mz. Debra “plans and spends a lot of effort to make our school so beautiful by painting so many murals.” She connects with sponsors in San Francisco to plan and execute the murals. With these initiatives, Mz. Debra offers her time and is dedicated to getting meaningful projects off the ground at her school.

Mz. Debra is hardworking, caring, and dedicated to her students, and they appreciate all that she does. One parent shared: “I can still remember how much effort she spent on the students who needed help in class.” Another parent appreciated how “whenever my son sees her, he’s still very happy and tells her what he is learning”, and a former student commented that “Mz. Debra is amazing and we all love her.” These statements are a powerful testament to the positive impact that Debra Netkin is making at Lawton Alternative Elementary. 

Thank you for all you do to support your students. We appreciate the passion you have for education. Congratulations on being our September Teacher of the Month!

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