Treasure Trove Sale: Pay By The Pound

Description Treasure Trove Sale: Pay By The Pound When Friday to Sunday, August 25-27 Time 12:00-6:00 pm during store hours Location Pirate Supply Store
826 Valencia Street 94110
Since opening in 2002 we’ve collected & created, created & collected, and collected & created some more. One thing we haven’t done in all that time–tidy up. While the 826 staff are quite partial to the light coat of grime covering our store, we can’t deny the Pirate Supply Store is in dire need of a spring cleaning. So dire, in fact, we’re doing it in the summer.Celebrate with us over 826 day weekend by helping us lighten our load of vintage, antique, and sometimes downright old products. The process is simple. Grab a bag from the counter, fill it up with designated items displayed in our Writing Lab, and bring it back to the counter for weighing. They say one sailor’s trash is another sailor’s treasure and we’ve certainly collected a lot of “treasure”. Who knows what you will find?All event proceeds support the programming of 826 Valencia.