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Hello, teachers! You are our heroes. 826 Valencia has always existed to support teachers, who we know do such important, difficult, and rewarding work. Here you’ll find resources for getting involved with 826 Valencia.

Quick Links for Teachers
Field Trips

Bring your class to 826 Valencia for a day of writing and storytelling.

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In-School Projects

Learn about how we bring tutor support to schools and classrooms in SFUSD.

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826 Digital

Innovative resources to ignite a love of writing, from the 826 network.

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Teacher of the Month

Learn about our Teacher of the Month Award.

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FAQsfor teachers

I want 826 to come to my school! Is that possible?

Maybe! Our services are aimed at under-resourced students (as measured by free/reduced lunch status) in SFUSD schools. If your classroom is a fit, learn more about our In-School projects and how to arrange a project of your own.

I want 826 to come to my school, but my school is not in SFUSD.

Check out 826 Digital, a collection of curriculum tools and resources from the 826 Network, which are completely free and accessible anywhere!

If I partner with 826 Valencia on an In-School Project, do you provide the curriculum?

It depends on the project. The main purpose of our In-Schools program is to support teachers with those writing projects that could use some extra one-on-one support (in other words, all writing projects). We’ll respond to your needs. For some longer-term projects, like the Young Authors’ Book Project, the curriculum is more collaborative. When in doubt, reach out to Programs Manager Ryan Young at ryan@826valencia.org with questions.

How far in advance do I need to reach out? And do I have to have a whole curriculum planned, or is a vague idea ok?

In the beginning stages, a general sense of the project and what stage the students will be at (brainstorming vs. drafting, for example) is all we need—and we know that flexibility is key, so we’ll be ready to meet students where they are. Projects must be arranged at least one month in advance so we have time to recruit volunteers. The details can come about a week before the project begins.

How do I nominate a teacher for the Teacher of the Month Award?

We’re happy to hear that you have a special teacher in your life! Here, you can find all the information you need to honor that educator with our Teacher of the Month Award.

I’d like to recommend your program to my students. Where do I send them?

You can learn about our programs and how enrollment works for each one here, or send them to the “I’m a student or parent” page to learn more. Workshops are a great starting point. And on Sunday afternoons from 2:30-4:30, we have drop-in tutoring hours for homework help.

I’m just a big fan of 826 Valencia. How can I support you?

We’re big fans of you, too. You can register to volunteer, or make a donation! 95% of our funding comes from individual gifts of all sizes.