Meet Eleanor Scott – Our May Teacher of the Month!

Meet Eleanor Scott - Our May Teacher of the Month!

We are delighted to announce our May 2024 Teacher of the Month! Eleanor Scott a.k.a. Ms. Elle is a twelfth-grade English Language Arts teacher at Balboa High School. We are honored to recognize Ms. Elle for her unwavering dedication to her students, school, and community!


Ms. Elle is a true gem who always goes the extra mile for her students! Her curriculum is fantastic and helps students boost their overall knowledge, learn about different cultures, and explore their creativity. On top of that, she’s always there to offer a listening ear and create a safe space for her students. She even shows up to their games and other important events to cheer them on and show her support. Her students feel like they matter to her, and they know that she’s always looking out for their well-being.


One student says, “I really love how Ms. Elle doesn’t have an emphasis on homework. And how she puts radical love as the basis for her teachings. The parties she hosts, and how she is always enthusiastic about every student’s passions outside the classroom. It’s an honor to have Ms.Elle as my English teacher.”


Ms. Elle uses Socratic seminars to get her students involved in critical thinking, sharing, and listening to each other’s perspectives about important questions. What’s even better is how she ensures that everyone can access the lesson, no matter what their needs are. It’s clear that she truly cares about her students and wants them to succeed.


One colleague says, “I love how Ms. Elle incorporates art and creativity into her classroom practices; this is just one way that she creates space for expansiveness and breadth in learning. Ms. Elle is one of the most amazing teachers I know, and I am so happy for the young people who get to learn with her!”


Ms. Elle has birthday parties for her students, even those who have birthdays on weekends and in the summer. She brings in all kinds of fun stuff like bubbles, tattoos, wind-up dinosaurs, slinkies, light-up rings, and even homemade chocolate chip cookies! Her students have a blast and enjoy every moment of these parties. It brought so much joy, laughter, and a sense of childhood charm back into the classroom. 


Another student says, “Ms. Elle is a great teacher! I met her starting from summer and from then on I felt like she was special. She’s the only teacher that I’ve had that brought in the topic of love in the classroom.”


During the summer, a writing club was organized for the upcoming seniors. One of the events organized by the club was a tea party where students shared their memories that eventually led to their PIQs. Although some of the memories shared were difficult for some students, Ms. Elle created a safe and comfortable space for everyone. The tea party was a relaxing and enjoyable event, bringing the students closer together.


Another colleague says, “It is a gift to witness the many ways that she brings liberation and community into her classroom. I’m reminded of this every time I walk past her classroom, and when I see her students’ sense of joy and of being heard when they are working with her.” 


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