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At 826 Valencia, all of our students are authors. 826 programs always end with a finished product, such as a book, newspaper, magazine, or podcast.

Through this project-based model, we see great leaps in our young authors’ confidence, pride, and connection to the writing process. And because these publications are distributed in our stores and in bookstores nationwide, their words inspire readers all over the world, building empathy and understanding across differences. We’re super proud of all of our publications!

Featured Publications

Check out these most recent publications by our students, and browse our store and student writing gallery for more!

The Battle Within
Stories of struggle and strength by students at Ida B. Wells High School

Each year, we partner with a local high school to produce an anthology of student work called the Young Authors’ Book Project. In this year’s project, young authors wrote short stories, poems, and prose examining questions of ethics: What are our beliefs about what is right and wrong? How do our decisions impact those around us? Are forgiveness and redemption truly possible? Featuring a foreword by Khaled Hosseini and a curriculum guide for educators, this collection is sure to provoke and inspire. Available here.

The 826 Quarterly, vol. 26

Between two and seventeen times a year, we publish student writing in the 826 Quarterly, a literary journal of writing from across our programs, featuring authors ages six to eighteen. With material ranging from villanelles about water snakes to exposés on UFOs, the 826 Quarterly is easily one of the most diverse publications at 826 — or anywhere, for that matter. Reading it can feel like playing with a crate full of puppies, wearing a sweater that may or may not be made out of unicorn hair, or having your mind expanded by the wisest words you’ve read all year. Pick up the 826 Quarterly vol. 26, and you’ll see what we mean! Available here.