Seventy-five million years ago there was a velociraptor named Fred. Fred lived in a pack near a desert in Mongolia. One day, while he and his buddies were out hunting, Fred heard a worrying sound. It was a distress call! Fred alerted his friends and they ran to the scene! They got there to witness a huge pack of velociraptors attacking their home! Just then a big velociraptor tackled Fred! The two rolled around until Fred kicked his attacker in the stomach, sending him tumbling toward the other velociraptors, and tripping them in the process.
Fred and his pack knew they were fighting a losing battle, so they ran off to gather their bearings and come back later. They wandered around a little and tried to find food and shelter. They were going to try to hunt something small, but they couldn’t see anything of interest. After a while, they spotted a protoceratops.
The pack attacked the protoceratops. Fred lunged at the protoceratops, starting a battle between them. Fred jumped off to avoid the protoceratops’ frill to the chest. Then one of Fred’s buddies, Jack, attacked the protoceratops from behind. Before his challenger recovered, Fred scratched its chest and hit something vital. The protoceratops jerked to a stop and fell sideways as Fred and Jack jumped clear. Then the pack did what came naturally.
A while into the afternoon, the pack’s exhaustion was starting to show. The desert sun was working extra hard that day. Then, out of nowhere, a giant dust storm crashed into them. They didn’t know what to do. They tried to run but the torrent of dust hurled them into the air. Because the average velociraptor was about two feet tall, it thrashed them around. Fred couldn’t see a thing. He looked for his pack but couldn’t find them. Then he closed his eyes, curled into a ball, and tried to protect himself.
Fred stayed in that position while the dust storm cleared. Fred heard a thud, and pain surged up his leg. He tried to get up, but his leg really hurt, so it took a while. He limped a little further. He saw that he hadn’t landed on any rocks and was glad. Still, he was nervous. He didn’t know where he was. He looked around but didn’t see anybody, so he tried to find shelter and food. He walked around and finally he saw a pack. This pack was about as big as the pack that had attacked him the first time. Fred noticed that they were not the same pack that had attacked him earlier.
He went up to the pack and one raptor noticed him. Fred told him all about the dust storm, the attack, and how his home had been ripped away from him. Then the raptor went to the alpha and told him about everything that happened to Fred. The alpha went to Fred and told him to go to the cave where he could heal up to his former self.
After about three days of healing, Fred didn’t have his limp anymore. When the rest of the pack returned from hunting, he was admitted into the pack, but at the lowest rank. After a day, the alpha thought that maybe they should take back Fred’s home.
Fred and his new pack spent a while trying to locate Fred’s old home. Over time, the rest of Fred’s old pack joined up with his new pack because they found their way there. They shared their stories about what had happened after the dust storm and they were as descriptive as possible. Piece by piece, they found out how to get back to Fred’s home.
So they set out, hunting along the way, gathering water, and surviving. Eventually, after a few weeks, they reach Fred’s home—his favorite spot for relaxing. It had been ravaged and destroyed and used for storing food. Their favorite sunbathing place had been turned into a restroom.
The new pack then jumped over the barrier of sand and ferns and started attacking. Apparently, the opposing pack had been taking a nap. Fred thought, “Well, we take naps too, but this is just ridiculous. Usually at this time we would
be hunting.”
Then they started attacking and the opposing pack woke up. Then they tried to fight back. A bunch of raptors jumped onto Fred. Fred knew what to do. He immediately kicked after them and sent them tumbling into the other guys. The opposing pack knew they couldn’t win, because they couldn’t beat the sheer numbers and strength of Fred’s new pack. They left and didn’t come back. Fred could finally take a hard-earned nap.