It’s the Twenty-first Century, right? So why are people still allowed to discriminate? The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) had a policy that gave them the right to exclude certain people according to their sexuality or their religion (or lack thereof). They believed that gays were not fit to be leaders. Someone who was excluded from the BSA took this case to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that the BSA was a private organization and they had the right to create any rules that they pleased. Some laws, like the First Amendment, need to be amended, or at least have some limits put on them.
The boys that sign up for the BSA are looking for people to guide them. All kids ever hope for is a good leader in life. We know now that they can’t find that in the BSA. Downey said in her article, “What are BSA leaders expressing? Clearly it is their judgment that gays are incapable of living up to the Scout oath of being ‘morally straight’ and the Scout law of being ‘clean.’” How can Boy Scouts learn to be their best selves when they are being taught by discriminative leaders?
Most people think that the BSA being a private organization is an excuse for letting discrimination happen. Just because they have the rights of a private organization, doesn’t mean that it’s okay. How are the kids in the BSA supposed to learn and grow into strong leaders, if they are taught by discriminative leaders? Just because they have the right to make policies like that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable. I think that if we keep fighting for this, everyone will see how wrong it is and they will understand that we need to change our amendments.