It was a black night. The wind howled. All you could see was the light of a campfire. The only thing you could hear was bears and the suspicious sound of someone breathing behind you. Slappy was the man breathing behind you. He has red spikey hair and doesn’t have hands. Slappy was a skinny man. Before he became a zombie, Slappy was a normal person. When Slappy was little, he ate a plant that turned him into a zombie. Now Slappy is a mean zombie who eats people’s brains. Slappy had trouble finding food. All the humans were trying to have a war with him! He ate all the animals of the forest already, and now he was lonely. He had to find food before he met his fate again. He walked for days to find food and he eventually found a city where he could eat people. The people turned to zombies and he was not lonely anymore!