I sat down on my light brown couch and laid back. I stared at the white tiled ground of my house. It was the weekend and my homework was piling up as big as the Salesforce Tower! I felt really frustrated. I took deep breaths to calm me down.
“Sweetie, I think I have something to cheer you up!” my mother called from the kitchen.
I walked slowly to the kitchen and smelled the juicy air of carrot soup! “Carrot soup is ready for you,” my mom said joyfully!
I sat on my cream-white chair. My mom put a medium, white bowl filled with light orange carrot soup. I felt so happy and joyful! Carrots have the power to lower the risk for heart disease and strokes! I was so glad my mom made this soup because I was starting to think I would get a heart attack from all the homework! I slurped a spoonful of my favorite and delicious soup. In a few minutes, I had wiped my bowl clean! Joy filled my body as if I were a phone charging! I felt so relaxed!
Suddenly, I started to think about vegetables! My face became puzzled rather than satisfied! “What happened, sweetie? Is the soup bad?” my mom asked, worried.
“No,” I said absentmindedly.
Out of the blue, I thought about carrots! Suddenly, a bright orange carrot popped up out of my white, tiled-floor! “Oh my god!” my mom exclaimed.
“I have SUPERPOWERS!” I shouted happily.
My eyes beamed. My mind felt like a giant potato filled with different vegetables! “Sweetie, we have to go out and give food to the homeless people,” my mom said politely with a smile.
I ran to the door, put on my purple and pink shoes, and opened the door wide open! “Wait for me!” my mom exclaimed.
“Okay!” I said as we came out of the house.
I saw a homeless person right across the street and ran there! I thought about corn, potatoes, and carrots. Suddenly, all of the vegetables popped up out of the ground! The homeless person beamed! “Thank you, supergirl!” the person said.
For the rest of the day, I ran around with my mom, helping the poor! I walked around the city with my mom and used my power to grow food around the hungry and poor people. The people looked flabbergasted and their faces glowed with happiness. It was so fun and calming to see the people’s faces beam happily! At the end of the day, my smile stretched as big as a football field.