A young teen tells the story of her former dean who inspired her. She tells a college student whom she meets in a cafe while she’s doing her homework. The college student is feeling down about starting her new counseling gig at the local high school.
Dean Frazier. I’ve always hit it off with adults, way better than kids my age for some reason. I’m not saying I don’t like people my age, because I am the “Queen Bee”—I guess I just have an old soul. In ninth grade, I met the dean at my school. I was probably in trouble or something at the time, but I just remember him asking me if I didn’t mind taking a quiz (like a survey). After I finished, I sat and stared as he reviewed the papers he gave me. Then, a smirk came onto his face. He said to me, “You just proved my thoughts right.” Me being the curious little defensive smurf that I am, I asked what his thoughts about me were, with a confident, gritty kinda tone. He chuckled and said, “You are gonna do big things, Ms. T.!” and nodded his head as I nodded with him, giving him confirmation.
From then on, I knew I had someone on my side. He cared for us like we were his own kids. He wanted to see everyone succeed, even if he had to bend the rules a little for certain circumstances. He made sure we ate breakfast most mornings so we could be set throughout the morning, even if he had to pay with the money out of his own pocket. I guess his persistence surprised me. I never had anyone, especially an adult, that actually stuck by me through all the trials and tribulations, unless they were obligated, like family. You know how it is with family.
Back on topic, no matter how many times I messed up, he was still there. When I went to jail, or even when I was in the group home, and still ‘til this very day, I know I can call if I need him. He fought for me even when I had stopped fighting for myself. I gave up, but he saw my light. He saw how I could shine and he still does. That’s why I have to make it, why I have to graduate, why I have stay motivated. I will not let the long lectures and the endless support go to waste, Dean Frazier!