Most of the time, me being pessimistic doesn’t cause that much trouble. This—this wasn’t most of the time. I was already rushing to get ready for school. The bus coming in a couple minutes just added onto my reasons for panic. You may be wondering, Why can’t you just catch the next one? Well you see, brosef, I have to take two buses to get to school, and if I miss the one coming in five minutes, I’ll miss my other bus and either have to wait an hour or walk—and I was not in the mood for either.
I ended up making it in time, with a minute to spare. Two of my friends from school were already there waiting. That made us three the only people waiting at that specific bus stop. We were talking a bit until we saw the bus. It was a stop away. My friends and I were happy that we all didn’t have to wait that long, especially in the cold. As the bus stopped at the red light, I jokingly said, “Watch the bus miss us.” And then I said, “Bet.” Once I said that three-letter word, the light went green, and the bus started to move closer and closer. And then it passed us. My immediate reaction to that was to cuss out loud. I’m not gonna say what I said because this is a family-friendly podcast.
My friends and I were speechless for a second. Then one of my friends looked at me and said, “You jinxed it.” Those two friends looked at me in shock, as if I were some kind of wizard who had cast a spell on the bus driver to make children invisible—like we weren’t standing at a BUS STOP. Did the bus driver think we were just some loitering kids? Sorry, but didn’t my backpack filled with schoolwork give it away?
I personally felt both surprised and “meh”—like I kind of expected it, because of my wizard powers. I mean, because it was both my pessimism AND my observation’s fault why I said what “jinxed” it. I noticed that my friends and I were standing as if we were waiting to cross the street, and that the bus didn’t curve to the side like it usually does. Those kind of gave me reasons to assume why the bus would pass us, but I honestly didn’t think it would.
I guess the moral of this story is to just keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything positive to say. Also, don’t make bets with the universe, especially if you have bad karma like me. Like what someone once told me, the mind is stronger than it seems.
This piece was originally published in A Dazzling Rainbow on the Side, available in our store.