Eric woke up. He made bread and butter. But when he was eating it . . . a big piece of bread fell on his house! So Eric went to look at the news. Eric was scared! And the news said: “Breaking news. Food is falling from the clouds! Stay inside or go to City Hall, where we are gonna make a plan!”
So Eric used a really old, red bike that creaked and broke to get to City Hall. The plan was to make a town with the food. The garbageman took the food to City Hall and builders made the city. Even Eric helped. Eric helped by eating the food.
Everything small, Eric ate. Eric said, “This tastes bad.”
He brought food to City Hall. Slowly and slowly, the town was built. They named it Food Town! Eric’s big bread house broke and Eric didn’t get a house in Food Town, so he lived in a wood house on the other side of the Town. And a thunderstorm hit Eric’s house. It burned.