Rosa was an eighth grader at Buena Vista Horace Mann school in San Francisco. One day she went to school and her teacher, Mr. Jack, told their whole class that they had to do one last report in the school year. Rosa was excited because this was her chance to bring her grades up.
After school Rosa went home and told her mom about the report. “What will the report be about?” her mother asked.
“Ancient Egypt,” Rosa replied.
Then Rosa went to the bookshelf and looked for a book. She found a book titled, How to Build a Time Machine. She ran to show her mom the book. Her mom told her that it was her grandpa’s secret book. “Your grandpa, Good Luck, was a scientist.”
Rosa was surprised and she was happy. The next morning Rosa went to school.
Mr. Jack said, “Okay, class, you should have all decided what your topic will be.” Then the teacher told Rosa, “I will tell you tomorrow what your topic will be.”
After school she ran to her house, used the computer, and started working on her project. She was on the computer for hours. Then her brother screamed, “I want to use the computer!” He was so mad that he slammed the door really hard.
The next day Rosa went to the school and the teacher told her what her project would be about. Then Rosa said, “Now I know that I am going to do my report on ancient Rome.”
The teacher said, “The report is due in July.” Rosa went to her house and started to work. Her mom told her that she had to eat. Rosa said that she had to work, but her mom was mad so Rosa had to eat.
One minute later, Rosa was so tired of writing. She had written three pages on the computer. Then Rosa went to sleep. In her dream, she saw her grandpa. She heard
Good Luck say, “I know you are doing a report. You should use my book.”