Have you ever been scared to show your identity to the world? It feels very scary, indeed. The Boy Scouts of America have been unjustly banning homosexual Scouts and Scoutmasters because of their sexual orientation. The most recent example is the Supreme Court case of Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale. James Dale used to be an Assistant Scoutmaster for the organization until the BSA found out that he was involved in LGBTQ activities, such as marching and expressing his support for gay rights. He is also gay. The Boy Scouts decided to expel Dale from the group. Homosexuality does not violate the morals of the Scouts. Homosexual Scoutmasters are just as devoted to the organization as straight Scoutmasters and this type of policy that is not even explicitly stated scares many Scouts. It will force many to become closeted homosexuals, hiding in fear of being kicked out for being gay, although it’s not what the Supreme Court decided.
Homosexuality does not violate any morality policies that the Scouts have set in place. Evidence to back this up is when Chief Justice Deborah Poritz decided that the Boy Scouts of America “Have not explicitly suggested or advocated the idea of homosexuality being an immoral thing. Nothing before us suggests that one of the Scout’s purposes is to promote homosexuality is immoral.” The Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court decided that no piece of evidence explicitly stated that the Boy Scouts of America thinks that homosexuality is immoral. The decision to remove homosexual Scouts is something that was never clearly stated, thus, making the decision to remove Dale unfair.
No Scout or Scoutmaster should be removed from the Boy Scouts of America for their identity. Homosexuals don’t violate the moral policies, and although they are homosexual, they’re still just as devoted as any Scout or Scoutmaster. The Scouts are influenced by religion and they make choices based off of an outdated mindset. Don’t support homophobic organizations. Cutting off support and going against discrimination is the best way to change the world. It should not matter if the organization is private or not.