I love the calm, relaxing chirps of birds in the forest. But I am displeased of the creepy crawlies. I love only worrying about homework because I have glasses. Love because I want to help people. I love homework because I turn it in on time. I hate the fact that soon there will be more responsibilities, more than school. I love the fact that we are on this beautiful Earth we have to live in. I hate the fact that our Earth is being abused to the point where we need to think about living on a distant planet. I love the fresh smell of the new In-N-Out. It is like smelling flowers baked in a stir fry. I hate the fact that orange chicken isn’t spicier. I love everyone who cares about you. I hate the haters in the world. I love when people care about each other. I hate when people lag others down hard. When I hear people hating, my heart loses a little motivation to move on.