Today – Sunday,July 5, 2021

1:44 AM How to tell if you like someone? – Google Search

It’s a simple search

Not one that should warrant shaking fingers

He needs to get a hold of himself

His reaction gives him all the information he needs

1:52 AM How to tell if someone likes you? – Google Search

The results tell of blushes and touches and overly enthusiastic compliments

But Miro blushes easily

And Miro isn’t like Lucas, who hates physical contact

And Miro is overflowing with compliments for everyone

Lucas isn’t special in this regard

But maybe …

2: 03 AM Alien courting rituals – Google Search

Predictably, Google isn’t much help with this one

Lots of conspiracy theories

Lots of flat earthers

2:08 AM How to get someone to realize you like them? – Google Search


Everyone on the Internet is a lot braver than Lucas is

The second option is flirting

But Lucas has tried that

And Miro is oblivious

Oblivious to gazes that linger a moment too long on entrancing hazel eyes

Oblivious to the brush of fingers through soft, sand-colored hair

Oblivious to the unconscious flick of eyes towards Miro’s lips

Miro is an idiot

2:16 AM How to get an idiot to realize you like them? – Google Search

Someone on Tumblr says marriage

Lucas laughs at this

And then proceeds to take it much too seriously

2:27 AM How to get married to an alien? – Google Search

He has to amend his search after the first try

If only marrying Miro was as simple as citizenships and


2:27 AM How to get married to an alien from space?- Google Search

Google says it’s not possible

He’s pretty sure it’s possible

He just isn’t sure if it’s possible for him

2:40 AM When was gay marriage legalized? – Google Search

June 26, 2015

Not that Miro cares about that

Not that Miro would want to marry him

2:45 AM How old do you have to be to get married? – Google Search


Lucas is 21

Technically he is allowed to

Technically he and Miro could get married

Carved forever into history

Under the light of a hundred stars

3:05 AM Do aliens even get married? – Google Search

He finds nothing

Google can die