My mom was born in Guatemala and my dad was born in Honduras. My sister and I were born here, in San Francisco. I have four family members in total, not including my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmas. My family and I laugh a lot. My favorite moment is every day because I get to see them every single day.

I am from my living room, where I can sit down on my couch and watch TV. I can also sit down on the couch and read, or finish doing my homework. Another room I like is the kitchen, because that is where my mom and my dad make delicious food. That is also where my mom and dad teach me how to cook like them.

I am from going on a walk with my parents and sister. We went on a walk in a park where there were a lot of trees, bushes, and birds. There were also a lot of benches, where we ate pepperoni pizza. Mostly everything there was nature.

I am from going on a trip with my parents and sister to Lake Tahoe. This time, we went with my parents, sister, uncle, aunt, and my cousin. We made a snow bunny and a snowman. Instead of putting a carrot on the nose for the snowman, we just put a branch we found in the snow. We also built a slide where we slid down a long slide.

I am from the spaghetti and soup my mom makes, the pancakes and fruit salads my dad makes, and the pasta my friend’s mom makes.

I am from the piano I have at my house. I play it before I go to sleep. When I learn to play a new song, I have to play it on my piano until I can get better without messing up. After I do it without any mistakes, I show my parents the new song I learned to play.