One day, a villain named Juandrula was at his secret hideout in New York. He was hiding from the police. He was short, had black skin, and was bald. He was a criminal because he snatched people from the streets. He didn’t like humans until Joseph called his squad. One day later they got Juandrula. They put him in a cage for the rest of his life.


Shortly after, Juandrula grabbed a spoon from lunch and he used it to dig out a hole in his cage. After that, Juandrula escaped and went to a train station and went to New Jersey. Once he got there, something crazy happened. He was actually a human dressed up in a costume. He was tiny before, but once he took off the costume, he turned six feet and three inches tall. When he was in New York, he met a man who gave him a potion called “midget,” and it made him very small and strong but what he didn’t know was that it would make him really mean. But once he turned into a human, he changed a lot and he didn’t think mean at all. Instead, he helped homeless people and gave them food and drinks. He started liking people and he started to grow. He changed his whole personality.