One day, my family and I went to a big parking place, and we saw lots of ladybugs. We picked one of them first, and then we built a house for him. After a while, he was trying to go out, so my dad planned to bring a jar the next day. The next day, we brought the jar, and my dad caught two ladybugs.We decided to name them at home. My dad caught two more ladybugs. My sister wanted more, but my dad said this was enough. We brought them to our house, and we started to name them. The biggest one was very red, so we named it Tomato. The other red one we named Strawberry. The smallest one we named Sweet Potato. The other orange one we named Potato.

The biggest one was named Tomato because when you read the part where the names are, tomato is the biggest food. I named the other red one Strawberry because her spots looked like strawberry seeds.I named the smallest one SweetPotato because it was the same color as a sweet potato. I named the last one Potato because it was the same color asSweet Potato, but it was a little bigger. The next day we searched up what they ate, and we learned that they eat lettuce. So, we gave them lettuce! The next day,I noticed they didn’t eat that much! I tried to take it out, but they started to crawl on me! I was so surprised, so I asked my dad. He took it out, so I looked at it close up. And guess what? It WaS CaBBaGe! So that was the reason why they weren’t eating that much! I tried to give them the sliced fruit, but I was a little scared. But I said, “Can you guys please not get on me?” Then they didn’t! Maybe they understood! Guess who ran over first? Sweet Potato! And then Potato and thenStrawberry. Well, Tomato didn’t eat that much because she is very lazy. Well, she did eat, but not that much.

And that was my story.