Juan, César, and I went to school at 9:00 a.m. and went inside. The door slammed shut behind us. I saw nothing down the hallway. We went to the cafeteria and there were hot dogs with ketchup on them. But I got closer and saw it was blood. We were confused because it wasn’t ketchup!

Then we ran to the back of the cafeteria. We saw all the teachers (there were thirty of them) trapped in a blue cage as big as a whale. The teachers were writing a note.

The note said, “Help, please!”

We said, “How do we help?”

They said, “You have to get the key from the third floor. But be careful, it’s an obstacle course.” We went to the third floor. It smelled like rotten eggs and we covered our noses.

We saw some strange things in front of us. We looked up and saw hot, red lava dripping from the ceiling. It sizzled when it hit the floor. César opened up a red, fireproof umbrella and we walked under the lava. When we were walking, the floor started to silently crack into pieces. We jumped onto the green lockers on the walls and we stayed on them until we passed the cracks.

We were so excited when we made it past. Then we saw a gray Blob Monster standing in front of the door of Room 308. He was five feet tall. He walked towards us and his footsteps sounded squishy like mud.

He said, “I know you’re here for the key. You’ll never get it.” We saw the key sitting on top of the door to Room 308 and the Blob Monster was guarding it.

Luckily, Juan had brought a light freezer from the cafeteria. We all opened it together and faced it towards the Blob Monster. The air sounded like snow. The cold freezer turned the Blob Monster blue and he got frozen. I grabbed the key and we ran to the cafeteria. We helped the teachers get out of the cage and saved them! They were so happy they got saved that we didn’t have to go to school for ten days!