Once upon a time in outer space, there was a yellow and green castle inside of a shoe. Nearby was an active volcano with a basketball court inside. It was very windy, and the volcano was getting ready to erupt basketballs!

Crunchy-Z-Chicken was a very small chicken who could fly, shrink, jump 100 feet, and eat basketballs.

“I wish I could get to the NBA finals someday, but I’ll never make it if the volcano erupts! That could be really dangerous,” he said one day to his best friend, Silver Platypus, whose superhero name was Power Platypus. Silver Platypus was a thirty feet tall, black and grey, rainbow duck-reptile, with a spiky tail and 2.5 red eyes.

“All I want is peace and pizza,” Silver replied, munching on a slice of their special homemade salami pizza with no vegetables.

Meanwhile, Soy Sauce Dumpling the 3rd, 4th, and 5th was scheming. Soy Sauce was a giant with no nose and flaming goat horns.

“I’m going to use this volcano to cover the entire world in basketballs! Then the planet will be so heavy, it will leave its orbit,” they explained to their helper, Philia-Z-Man, as they hovered above the ground. Soy Sauce had the ability to defy gravity and speak any language, including chicken.

“I’ll help you!” Philia-Z-Man replied. Their forty-three eyes were wide with excitement. Philia was a blue-and-purple alien with six legs, five hands, three arms, and two fingers. They wore a rotten fish hat, could telepathically crack black holes, and spit cotton candy.

“Boss, once you take over the world and find love on this online dating account I set up for you, you’ll be the happiest and most powerful villain of all time!” they said. Philia was secretly hoping to be promoted and be in charge of Soy Sauce.

“Yes I will,” Soy Sauce replied, “But first we need to cause this eruption!”

Together, Soy Sauce and Philia made their way to the volcano. There, they found Crunchy and Silver on the court, practicing their slam dunks.

“Get out of our way!” Soy Sauce said to Crunchy in chicken language.

“No way,” answered Crunchy, “I know you have an evil plan and I’ll never let you get away with it!”

“We’ll see about that,” said Philia.

The ground started to rumble, and the volcano started to fill with basketballs! All of a sudden . . .