A very long time ago, everyone thought the earth was flat. People would say there was a barrier made of ice at the edge of the world. There were not very many maps and nobody even knew if any of them had real information. Outside of the campground where Tito lived, there was a boat dock with some of the oldest maps ever made. Tito was an inexperienced sailor that hated his job. He was paid badly and could hardly survive at the campground he lived at.

After a long day of cutting trees down, Tito was in a dreadful mood. I have to leave this place, Tito thought to himself as he walked up to the cash counter at the far end of the log camp. The man at the counter gave him an unamused look.

“Another worker?!” he asked with a frown. “Sorry, we can’t pay you today.”

Tito had heard enough. Tito knew this meant that after all the stress he had to go through, he wasn’t going to get paid. The man stood there staring at Tito as his face turned red. Tito stomped off to his cabin and started plotting ways to escape. Tito had an idea. I could steal a boat and sail across the ocean at night to escape, Tito thought as he looked over to the boat dock.

That night, after everyone was sleeping in their cabins, Tito snuck out of his cabin, trying not to wake up his roommates. He illuminated the path with a lantern and started walking down the road. Tito was very sleepy, and soon didn’t realize how loud he was being. He got louder and louder until the man at the cash counter woke up. Still half-asleep, the man could not identify who was walking down the road. The man didn’t care, so he went back to sleep.

Tito had reached the far end of the logging camp where the boat dock was located. Tito walked up to the gates and opened them. They made a very loud screech and Tito knew he should hurry up. Tito grabbed a map, jumped in one of the sailboats, and untied the rope from the dock. Tito started to sail, but soon fell asleep from boredom and sleepiness.

When Tito woke up, he located where he was with a compass and a map, and noticed he was approaching the ice wall at the edge of the world. Tito tried to steer the boat in panic. As an inexperienced sailor, he gave up in frustration. But to Tito’s surprise, there was no ice wall.

Tito saw an island in the distance. With all of his strength, he managed to turn the boat to sail towards the island. There was a boat dock at the far edge of the island. This island was extremely familiar. Tito froze in shock. This was the logging camp. How did I end up here again?! I sailed the exact oppo- site direction, he thought to himself. He tried to turn around but it was already too late. Then he noticed that there was a man standing at the end of the boat dock staring right at him. He approached the boat dock helplessly as he thought of what he could say or do but there was one question he kept thinking about. If he was going the opposite direction, how could he have ended up here again? He had wanted to go anywhere but here. Tito knew he was going to get punished for leaving the logging camp and for stealing a boat that he damaged. But how?

At that moment, Tito knew: “The Earth is round!” Expecting a punishment, Tito got up onto the boat dock but the man simply told him to go back to his tent. Tito told everyone at his cabin the news. “The Earth is round!” Tito exclaimed. Everyone in the cabin blankly stared at him as if he had no idea what he was talking about. Tito noticed that everyone thought he was an idiot, so he went on to explain. Tito showed everyone the map and the direction he was going and how the boat got damaged. He also said that there was no ice wall along the edges of the world. He had just traveled in a circle.

After that, a few people believed him. Then everyone in the cabin, even the ones that didn’t believe Tito’s claim, realized that there was an entire world to explore. Now almost everyone wanted to escape the logging camp, just like Tito did.