One day, I was walking on an ordinary street, when I tripped on something hard. When I looked to see what I had tripped on, I saw there was a broken, old magnifying glass laying on the ground. “Who would leave it right there?” I thought.
Looking puzzled, I picked up the magnifying glass and peered through it. Suddenly, I started to feel dizzy. I saw things spinning around and around. All of a sudden, I got sucked up by the magnifying glass and landed, “Kerplunk!”
The trees were now pretty cottages and the magnifying glass was now a ring. There was a queen who was looking for her ring. I was about to give the queen the ring when a sneaky fox snatched it out of my hand and ran away. I had to think fast. I got some crackers and called to the fox. The fox quickly dropped the ring and ran to the crackers. I gave the queen the ring and she gave me an enchanted cat for a present. I did not realize it, but the cat protected me from all the dangers that came.
This piece was originally published in A Magical Forest with Sparkles and Stars, available in our store.