“Moo ha ha ha.” I woke up to a strange sound. I slowly got off my bed. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I slowly walked up to the door. I opened the door. To my surprise, I was in a forest. I quickly ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face, then I rushed out the door as fast as I could.

I walked around the forest. There were lots of trees, but when I looked closely, they were growing different kinds of cooked food. Wow! When I looked around my house, there was a pond of clean water. There was also a mysterious rabbit wearing a top hat and a bow tie on its neck. When it saw me it said, “Hello there! Did you know this pond is magical?”

“No,” I answered.

It also said, “This pond is magical because it is always clean. Even when you take a bath in it. And the water never runs out! Welp! I got to go! Moohahahaha!”

When that was said, he disappeared into the darkness.

And now, I live in my house in the forest.