Lily was walking into the forest. The forest was dark and scary because the trees were moving and they were rustling. Lily is a girl and she is five. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was carrying the fresh, red apples for her friend. She saw something move. It was black and it scared her. Then it got into her backpack. Lily felt something climb up her back and onto her shoulder. Lily could speak in bat language. She said, “Hi, I am Lily. What is your name?” He did not have a name because he got lost. And he was a nice bat, and she named him Max. Max is a fruit bat, and he likes fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas. Max said something in his own language. Then, when it was windy, Max couldn’t fly because there was too much air. Lily helped Max stay in the air when it was too windy. Then every night they came and practiced, and he was growing slowly. So finally, Max could fly. So he knew how to fly to his home, and Lily could visit his home. Max was happy and Lily was proud. And they played their own tag game.


The End.