Once upon a time there was a mermaid named Veronica. She was so cute. She had red hair. One day her head was hurting. She had lost her memory from an injury deep in the sea. She woke up. She had forgotten her name. She said, “I see a human!” Veronica was going to scream. “Ah! I don’t know what I’m doing!” She screamed.
The human came to the rock. “OMG!” he screamed and ran away. Veronica couldn’t feel her tail.
Then she looked for her tail, “OMG! What happened?” Her tail was gone.
Veronica was trying to move. She put her hand on the rock and she stood up. Then she turned around and saw the humans. She saw a prince with a crown on his head, a king, and a princess.
Veronica looked at the prince. Then the prince saw Veronica. Veronica wanted to go to the water but she remembered that she no longer had a tail. The prince went over to her and saw that she wanted to go into the water.
He asked, “Are you okay? What is your name?”
And she told him, “My name is Veronica.”
The prince helped Veronica stand up all the way. The prince was supposed to marry the princess, but instead he took Veronica to the castle. Veronica felt in love.
When she went with the prince he told her, “I don’t have clothes for a girl, but you can wear boy’s clothes.”
Veronica nervously said, “Okay.” Then Veronica remembered that her sister, who was a mermaid, told her that if she ever married a human and he didn’t love her, she would turn into a bubble. In a few days, the bubble would pop.
But Veronica ignored this advice. When she got to the castle, she saw the prince was married to the princess. So then she went to the water and she turned into a bubble. She floated on the water and she never popped . . . 
This piece was originally published in I Dream That Narwhals Are Dancing, available in our store.