I am from Narnia,
from Hogwarts and Thomond,
stories that curl and flit like feathers in the wind.
I am from an echoing tunnel, each word never alone.
I am from the woods,
and trailblazing my own path in the dark,
a flashlight shining bright.
“Not all those who wander are lost”—
and the Hobbits all have their halos.
I am from the chandelier,
crystal sending little rainbows
to and fro
over the family dining table.
When I eat at home,
I have all types of textures,
soft, and hard, and warm.
Sashimi and Thac Kook
around the table,
filling me up to the brim and
satisfying my hunger.
I am from my family,
games, and bits of light.
Anger never getting in the way
of endless love.
A tree branching out,
green sprouts unfurling to
the sky,
and flowers that bloom.
If love were water,
I would be waterlogged.
I am from Korea,
Canada, and thoughts
passed down for generations.
Faint ties to other countries,
siblings from Japan,
and the world, endlessly spinning.
I am from trying my best.
When I hope for the future,
I see happiness and health.
Not too much change,
the world still on its axis.
Nothing will ever be perfect,
and that is beautiful.
I don’t understand others,
or life,
but I have never needed to.
And that would be enough.
This piece was originally published in A Dazzling Rainbow on the Side, available in our store.