A memory I have was when I was in school, waiting for instructions from my teacher. Suddenly, some 826 Valencia people came in. I was like, “What are they doing here?”
They introduced themselves and gave us writing paper and then planning paper. I didn’t know what was happening until I realized we were writing a story! I felt so excited, I wanted to say, “Hooray!”
They said, “Hi, we are the 826 Valencia people! You are going to pick a vegetable to write about!”
I loved writing stories. I picked the cabbage on the planning paper and started planning about my story. Once I was done I looked at it. I thought, Wow! This story will be so cool!
I started to write out the real story. When I was done, I revised and edited my story. It actually turned out to be really good! All in all, this memory helped me to write better, to think better, and just do my best! I will never forget this memory.