One day, a long time ago in Paris, there was a big wooden crate in an airplane, but then the crate fell out. When the crate landed, the ground had a big crack. After the long Revolutionary War, a person named Napoleon found it. He opened the big crate and found a time machine. He named it The Refrigerator. He opened the heavy door and stepped inside. There were two buttons, one was a blue one that said “the past.” The other one was red and it said “the future.”
Napoleon hit the red one. Napoleon saw a flash of red and then everything was quiet. He stepped out of The Refrigerator, but the future was overrun with rabbits. There were black ones, white ones, and striped ones. Napoleon said, “Free pets!”
Instead of the rabbits running away, they attacked Napoleon. He went back to the time machine and back to the past, with a broken leg.
This piece was originally published in I Dream That Narwhals Are Dancing, available in our store.