I’ve tried to be a lot of things that I wanted to be, but it hasn’t really worked out. But I never give up.
Like last year I was a very bad slacker, but I was still on my toes—keep trying to go to school, go to work, get home on time, etc. When I was leaving from school, I’d always do things that weren’t relevant. I was thinking about sh–t, always got things on my mind, thinking about how I was going to give back to people. I was still broke and I couldn’t give back. I always was trying to show better loyalty, but it was that time of the season where I was just broke. Every time I would get money, I would have to give it away.
I tried to make money so that I could give back to the people I care about. One time it was me and my brother. We was going to play basketball, trying to find a good court, but all the good ones wasn’t close, so we went to the one right on the block. We had money, so we were ready to go bet. I saw one of my homies and he had one of his homies with him, so I said to them put two hundred on the game. So, we was playing, we was whooping them. At the end we was fooling around with them and then they was coming back. Then we stopped playing and we beat them. After that, the homies that we were playing with were mad, ‘cause it was a close game. So, I told ‘em we could play again, I said, “Double it up then.” I was trying to get more money. They started splashing, coming with some heat. They won that game. Then we bet again for fifty. Then we played and at the end of the game, they won. I was trying to be a raw basketball player that day, but I lost some dollars and I realized I shouldn’t have tried to be so risky.
Sometimes I make mistakes, but I can never let one pass me. I want to be a son that my parents can be proud of ‘cause they give me everything they can give. So, I want to give back to them. I just want to be a provider for my loved ones. Also, one way I can imagine that is me being in the union ‘cause I really want to be in construction. To be in construction, you need to be a creator ‘cause you need to be able to create that perfect picture.
I am a creator. I am a creative person. I am that man that sees that perfect picture in my mind and then creates it. For example, when I freestyle the words, the vocab it just pops up in my mind to make me create a good freestyle. My style is unique. I feel like my mindset is just different from others. I’m self-made. Just because I am my own person, I’m well respected. I know that ‘cause I give out respect so people give back loyalty. To me, loyalty is a code. It’s something I go by. It’s a principle. Love is just a word. Loyalty is an action.