Once upon a time, lived a demon-angel named Night. His skin was red, and his halo, horns, and wings were purple. But Night, the demon-angel, is afraid of the night, even though his name is Night! Then one day, Mom and Dad said, “Night, you have to face your fear!” Then Night started to shake . . . then it was time to go to sleep. The bedroom looked like heaven and hell mixed together. Night slept on the bed and started moving when he was sleeping. Then when he was sleeping, his face looked worried. Then Night had nightmares and, in the nightmares, he was trying to fight the nightmares because he was trying to listen to his parents! So he imagined he had a sword on his hand, and the sword appeared in his hand. Then he used the sword and killed one of Night’s nightmares. Then Night got a little confident. Then he start slicing his way out of the nightmares. After awhile, he sliced all of the nightmares and accomplished his fears! Suddenly, his rank went to the rank board at first place and he was surprised. Next, he told his parents, and they gasped and said, “Wow, you accomplished your fears!” When he was an adult, he became a professional at scaring kids. In fact, he could scare adults! Then he became famous for scaring a lot of people in Earth. He got the top record of scaring people in Earth. His record was 1,982,579 million! In the end, his parents were proud of Night, and the parents died after Night and his wife, Alexa, had a child.
This piece was originally published in A Dazzling Rainbow on the Side, available in our store.