Ramon is a lion with horns that lives in the dark forest inside of a cave. He lives with his family. He lives with his cousins, parents, siblings, and grandpa.


One day Ramon and his family went to find food in the forest, but Ramon accidentally got lost in the dark and he was scared. They say that there’s a furious dragon named Carlos. Ramon found a big cave and he stayed there to sleep. The next day, he searched for someone who could help him get home. On the way, he found the furious dragon named Carlos. Quickly, he hid in some trees. Ramon was super duper scared. He watched how the dragon could destroy a big rock by breathing fire on it. He ran and escaped as fast as he could run. He was lucky because the dragon didn’t see him.


This time, he was searching carefully for someone to help him. He found some animals. The animals were pumas, lions, monkeys, and giraffes. He asked them nicely if they could help him go home. Nobody knew, and they all moved their heads from side to side, except for one: a puma. The puma gave Ramon a map of the easy route to go and explained to him where to go. Ramon started to follow the map.


On the way, he again found the furious dragon, Carlos. Ramon was too scared to fight the dragon. This time, Carlos saw Ramon and followed him. Ramon ran and followed the map so his parents could help him and fight. Ramon was tired, but finally found his parents, and he screamed, “MOM AND DAD, HELP!” His parents helped him, but the dragon was too strong, and Carlos hurt Ramon’s parents. They were hurt and tired. Ramon was worried and said, “It’s time to defeat my fear, I will defeat Carlos!” Ramon got a big rock and threw it at Carlos’ head. Carlos dodged the rock and got really scared. Ramon defeated Carlos by scaring him. Carlos was scared of Ramon and never came back. He hid where no one could find him. Ramon helped his parents get better, and they lived happily ever after.