I am oval as a football that has been thrown.
I am sweet or sour as candy.
I am soft as a brand-new leather jacket.
When people eat me, they feel happy as a homeless man getting food.
I am bright orange as a sun at 7:00 a.m.
I am quiet when no one touches me.
When I fall, I make a thump sound when I hit the floor.
I am wet and sticky when people cut me up.
I am mostly warm, but best when cold.
When people see me, they say, “Can I eat that?”
When people eat me, I am refreshing as water in
their mouths.
I am delicious as ice cream cake.
I start with an M, but I’m not a melon.
I am smooth, sweet, and sour.
I am so yummy that when people eat me, their heads explode and they go to heaven.
I am the best because I can be a super fruit.
Who am I? I’m a mango!