I am as chewy as gummy bears.
I am so chewy, they can’t open their mouths anymore!
I am as brown as a squirrel.
I am as spiky as a toothpick.
I am flavorful, as fruity as berries, and fresh like mint.
When people eat me, they feel as excited as a
person dancing.
You can find me in Hawai‘i, but I’m not a mango.
I am as round as a sphere.
When they eat me, they burst into flames because I look like a bomb!
When you cut me open, a wet substance starts
coming out.
In the inside, I am as white as a piece of paper.
I am as hard as a rock.
When you shake me, the wet substance
swooshes around.
I think this fruit is the best because it is so chewy!
Who am I? I’m a coconut!