One day, a pug got superpowers for some reason. You’d think that he would use those powers for good, but Super Pug was a pug, so he used those powers for dog food and bones.

One day, he got the idea to have everyone worship him.He devised a plan. First, he would take over the banks by having Thanos snap all the people working in the banks so he could replace them with his pug friends. Then they would decide who got the most money. He would then collect all the deposits and not give them back.

Now the world was in chaos, which overthrew the government. Super Pug then gave the money to people, making him the new leader, for he had all the money. He now had an empire of Puggy Banks. He mind-controlled all influencers to tell the people to give him offerings to get more money. Since he was Super Pug, he could live forever.So twenty million years later, it became a religion.


The world was his. Now to execute his plan . . .

Of course, he was a pug so he could not do all that stuff.

He didn’t even have arms! Well, one can dream.