Imagine trying out for a sports team and the school asks for a sample of urine. Would you feel safe? Drug testing has been required in some schools for student athletes. Drug testing shouldn’t be required for student athletes. The school mostly requires student athletes to get drug tested. Even students that don’t play sports are still required to get tested, and the school doesn’t even have the parents’ permission to get tested. Students shouldn’t be tested because drug testing is expensive. A school can spend about $3,000 or more on drug testing each year. This is a waste of money. The money could be used towards other things in school, like field trips and more technology in the classroom.
Another way of viewing this is that the school system is discriminating against people of color. More students of color are negatively impacted by student drug testing. In that case students of color are the ones that are mostly required to take the drug tests. This means the school system will continue to hold back or oppress students of color, a group of people that the system already holds back.