Hello! Our names are Marsh and Mallow. We are twin sisters and we both have blank white eyes, lavender hair, and a tower of marshmallows on top of our heads. Our story begins on a hot day in the summer. We were in the middle of a field trip to a space museum.
“Hey! Blanksters! What are you two talking about? Are you moaning over your dead brother?” shouted a girl named Scarlet.
“Shush!” said Marsh and Mallow in unison.
“Marsh! Mallow! Get over here at once!” shouted Ms. Jones, their teacher. Scarlet smirked. “How dare you say ‘shush’ to a fellow student!” said Ms. Jones.
“She was making fun of us and our missing brother, who is not dead!” said Marsh and Mallow as they turned their heads towards Scarlet.
“You said yourselves your brother was missing, so how do you know he’s NOT dead?” shouted Scarlet.
“Scarlet, be quiet,” said Ms. Jones.
“We’re going to the bathroom,” said Marsh and Mallow, together. They both ran into the bathroom as fast as they could.
“We have to get off of this blue and green rock,” said Mallow.
“Agreed,” said Marsh. “Spaceship?”
“Spaceship,” agreed Mallow, nodding her head.
“I think they are gone now. I can’t hear anything,” said Marsh.
“Let’s go,” said Marsh and Mallow.
Marsh opened the door a smidge and poked her head around it. “It’s clear,” she reported.
Then they both ran down the hallway and found what they were looking for: the Blast 5000. They jumped over the railing guarding it and found that their luck was in store. The cleaner had accidentally left the key in the door to the inside of the spaceship.
“Ha! We’re so lucky,” they both said, at the same time. They climbed up and got settled in.
“Stop them!” shouted a guard who had finally noticed that something was wrong.
“Too bad,” whispered Marsh to Mallow.
They were off.
“Where do you want to go?” asked Mallow once they had finally reached the sky.
“Where we came from,” replied Marsh. “It’s our only hope of finding Grammy.”
“You’re right,” said Mallow.
“The world of Transfiguration, here we come,” said Marsh and Mallow together.
Eight hours later, they found the bridge built out of stars that looked ever so familiar.
“Home, sweet home,” said Mallow. “Let’s get out.”
“What was that?” said Marsh in a very terrified voice.
They heard it again.
“Whoever is in that ship, get out NOW!” said a loud, commanding voice.
They both got up at once. They opened the door to see who it was.
It was a small boy. He looked like someone no older than ten, standing between two very bulky and muscular men. They seemed to be bodyguards, wearing velvet robes with black pants. They both wore badges with the letters ‘BG’ on them, which seemed to Marsh and Mallow to stand for ‘Body Guard.”’
“Who are you?” asked the boy.
“We are Marsh and Mallow, of this world,” said Marsh.
“Who are you?” asked Mallow in a mistrusting voice. The bodyguards raised their fists in warning, but the boy looked at them in a sharp way. They put their fists down.
“Curiosity is not a bad thing, you two,” said the boy to his guards. “Did you raise your fists when I asked that question? Well, of course you didn’t. You’re my bodyguards,” he said, answering his own question. Now he turned to Mallow again. “You asked me who I am, Mallow—”
But Marsh cut him off. “How do you know her name?” she asked.
“Yeah!” agreed Mallow.
“We have everyone from the world of Transfiguration monitored: where they are and what they’re doing every day,” said the boy. “That’s how we found you two. I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.”
“You have?” asked Marsh and Mallow in unison.
“Yes, I have,” said the boy. “But now I must tell you my name, since you asked. My name is Grammar.”
There was a silence.
Then Mallow said a bit more excitedly, “Why were you looking for us?”
“Do you remember your brother, Gram?”
“Of course we do,” said Marsh and Mallow together. “Why?”
“I AM Gram,” said the boy.
To be continued . . .
This piece was originally published in The Bridge Built Out of Stars, available in our store.