Duck Mania teleported into the Duck Village sewer. It was full of ducks. The ground was made from carrots and the walls were made of crackers. His remote control device said, “It is Duck Mania’s brother, Duck the Evil, who is stealing the clouds!” Then his feathers of all different colors fell off.
Duck Mania used his stick-powered jetpack and got to the clouds. The clouds were cool and soft and smelled like brownies. They tasted like brownies, too. Duck the Evil was hiding behind Duck Mania. Duck Mania flew to another brownie cloud. Then Duck the Evil flew to a different brownie cloud that was twenty feet away.
The battle began.
Duck the Evil used ice kick, but Duck Mania dodged his icy knees and legs. Then Duck the Evil used psychic powers. The red psychic sprayed onto Duck Mania and he froze. It threw him off of the clouds. Then Duck Mania came back up to the clouds with his stick-powered jetpack.
Duck Mania used fire-blast, and planet-sized fireballs hit Duck the Evil. Duck the Evil got toasted! After, Duck the Evil used electric charges. Lightning rain hit Duck Mania and some of his feathers fell off. Finally, Duck Mania used electric poison, which was an orange electric ball with poison gas. It poisoned Duck the Evil. Duck Mania won the match, and his brother lost the match.
The end.
So Duck Mania returned to the sewer and a thousand ducks were waiting. They were so excited because he had defeated Duck the Evil. They were all cheering and throwing red roses at him.
The (real) end.
In a city far, far away named Bunnytopia, Bunny the Worst was hopping towards Duck Village with her sidekick, Bird Bird. Bird Bird was a mini-pigeon with the power of invisibility and really good archery skills. Bird Bird could make anyone faint.
Bunny the Worst had a plan; to make Duck Village into Bunny Village.
Dun, dun, dun!
Will anyone defeat Bunny the Worst and Bird Bird? Duck Mania might need to get a sidekick . . .
To be continued . . .
This piece was originally published in The Bridge Built Out of Stars, available in our store.